Beard Oil, Balm, Soap & Cologne

Beard Oil, Balm, Soap & Cologne

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The Beard Oil, Balm, Soap & Cologne combo is a complete bundle for men who want to enjoy a stylish and clean smelling beard.  This bundle includes everything pictured and all you need to protect your beard from the elements.  Features soap that wont dry out and strip your face and hair of its natural oils.  Beard Oil to moisturize and protect your skin from itching and flaking associated with growing a beard and maintaining a beard.  Balm helps tame those fly away hairs and acts as a leave in conditioner to help protect your beard hairs and lock in moisture while helping prevent split ends and as we know, fewer split ends means less trimming and longer healthier beard.  

To complete the package, the solid cologne will keep you smelling amazing for hours!  We have 6 different scents to choose from and an unscented for those that are sensitive to smelling awesome!

It's never too late to have a great beard!  Order your favorite scent from Driftless Beard Company today.